ENI TIP Trading Information Platform

Trading Platform Information (TIP) involves changing market conditions that today are forcing Eni Trading and Shipping more than ever to map what, where and how value is created.
Using BPM webMethods (Software AG) to implement a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and re-use existing IT assets,
Visual Studio 2015 (MS) with Oracle ODP for Entity Data Framework.
MY role first of all-
Is to maintain and develop the evolution to the level of preparation of the data or the level of integration and provides a complete set of features to extract data from multiple data sources.
Cleanse and refine the data according to business rules and requirements (Declarative XML).
Load the data in the model data mounted on the information needs of the business.
Monitor the quality of warranty data and one version of the truth.
This focus will shift to the development of business intelligence layer and distribution that aims to fast processing, correlation, aggregation and analysis in user decision time: real-time, event-based, end of the day, etc.

KMS – Knowledge management unità COMM Italgas

Analysis and Software development of KMS for commercial units ITALGAS S.p.A.
Project based on Sharepoint, using front-end framework for SPA pages through “office-ui-fabric” and “PnP-JS-core” to delivery best UX from different device.
Backend activities on WCF .Net, for approbation workflows, aggregate documents. For research and analytical purpose to aim a functional level we have been used code written in F#